Ultramarathon Training: Mixing It Up

I’m exhausted today and I’ve just about made it upstairs in time to plug the laptop in before it dies due to lack of battery, and after a break from talking about the training for a few weeks I’m back on it. This week’s training was the start of a new cycle of training… For […]

Why I Run

Why I Run: Part 1 – Being Me This week’s blog post is inspired by another blog post: Two Fat Comrades. It’s a blog post about why Helen runs and it really struck a cord with me. When Ami started nursery I got a new set of friends, parents of other children at nursery, but rather […]

The Beginning of the Journey

Technically this week has been the last week of base training before marathon training for the Greater Manchester Marathon starts. But today’s long run felt like the first proper run of this marathon training cycle. And since it felt like the first proper run of the training cycle why not start where I finished off in […]

A Letter to my Body

Dear Body, I appreciate this letter is long overdue. Over the last few months I’ve heaped more pressure on you than ever before and I never really took the time to say thank you and well done… You really do deserve some appreciation and recognition. And before you start, yes I know I write a […]

My First Ultra

I’ve done it! I’ve just entered my first ultra marathon and I’m so excited. Honestly, I’m like a kid at Christmas and with two young girls in the house and it being nearly Christmas the excitement level in the Gardner household is nearly at squealing level, poor Kev… A couple of days ago I entered […]

The Dirt Half

This week has all been about the Dirt Half. As it was my first half marathon trail race I just wanted to enjoy the race and cross the finish line feeling happy and strong. But the way the week went meant that that was in doubt… The Dirt Half is a trail race that follows the canal […]