Run Fantastic: Dream Big!

Well Conkers Run Fantastic has started and it’s “Go, go go!” Let’s get stuck in and hit our targets for the first week of Conkers Run Fantastic. As I mentioned in a previous blog post it’s not about achieving 100%, it’s about striving to succeed and that means being consistent in your workouts, if you haven’t […]

Kas’ Top Tips for Run Fantastic

If you’re thinking about joining Conkers Run Fantastic 2016, welcome! Success isn’t guaranteed but with the support of your teammates and a fun competitive element, joining Run Fantastic gives you a better chance of achieving your Spring running goals. Whilst we all want to try and finish with a 100% score, that’s not necessarily the point. […]

Focus On The Journey, Not The Destination

That’s it, I’ve completed five weeks of consistent running without the calf injury re-occuring. To say I’m happy is an understatement. During this time I’ve also managed to increase my long runs up to 15 miles, so I’m well on the way to be in a position to start properly marathon training. One thing I learnt […]

Ultramarathon Training: Mixing It Up

I’m exhausted today and I’ve just about made it upstairs in time to plug the laptop in before it dies due to lack of battery, and after a break from talking about the training for a few weeks I’m back on it. This week’s training was the start of a new cycle of training… For […]