Injury does a funny thing to you. I’m sitting here on Monday evening and I’m actually looking forward to my first cross country (XC) race of the season this Saturday.

The weather has already turned blummin’ freezing, and in typical cross country fashion the weather for Saturday is forecast to be wet and windy. Oh joy!

Cross country runningXC still terrifies me: the cold, the rain, the mud, the hills. But there are also a couple of upsides to it such as being cheered on by your teammates – mine at LBAC (and Redway Runners, my second claim club) are certainly loud, which is the best way to be to be honest. You certainly see some kick ass team spirit at XC events which you don’t normally get at road races where you tend to compete as an individual.

And secondly there is cake. Well cake, biscuits, and all sort of other delicious treats. From my brief experience at XC last year, I think these XC races tend to be some muddy running with a bit of The Great British Bake Off thrown in – now there’s an idea for the BBC now The Great British Bake Off has gone to Channel 4.

I’m not going to be the fastest at this week’s XC as due to my injury I can’t race it but the plan is currently to run round at a steady pace – rather than the go tearing out for 400m, then horribly die and hold on for the rest of the race. But I’d rather do that and get cold, muddy and miserable (for part of it) than not take part.

In the meantime, I’m going to do a little bit of practice by going for a run in the woods tomorrow and then decide on what cake to bake on Friday. Any requests?

Until next time…

Kassia Gardner