Rediscovering My Love of Blogging

Rediscovering the blogging love

I started off blogging initially for personal reasons, when then developed into business blogging. For a long time I blogged regularly on my personal blog and for my freelance copywriter business Spindle Tree.

But somehow around 12 months ago I lost the love and the will to write my personal blog. It just wasn’t fun anymore; it had become an obligation. I started to associate sitting down to write a blog post with doing a chore. Because it had become a chore, finding inspiration and deciding what I wanted to say became difficult, and so apart from the extremely occasional blog post it stopped.

It wasn’t quite the same with the business blogging on Spindle Tree; I still had plenty of ideas but finding the time was difficult. After spending most of the day working on a laptop, the last thing I felt like doing on an evening once the kids were in bed was forcing myself to spend more time on the laptop writing a blog post. And so my blogging frequency dwindled.

But thanks to a friend, Janine Beattie of Optimum Business Support, I’ve discovered my love to blogging again.

Janine introduced me to Steffi Lewis, the founder of, and was just what I needed. I’m not going to go into how wonderful an idea it is, you can read all about that here, but now all I do is write a blog post and Steffi and her team do the rest and I have my evenings. And just to make sure I regularly blog I get chaser emails so I won’t ever miss a weekly blog post again. Happy days!

Because I’m only blogging every Wednesday on I wanted another outlet for anything else I thought of in between those times, which is why I’ve set up this blog. You’ll find that this blog is mainly personal stuff and more than likely it will be running related. However be prepared for anything, because sometimes my brain goes off at weird tangents.

Until next time…

Kassia Gardner

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