Since I’m sitting here unable to run due to injury I’ve got lots of time on my hand to plan what races I’m going to be doing in 2017. So here’s my current thinking, it focuses on three main areas.

No ultra marathons

Never say never, but I’m not planning on doing another ultra marathon. I honestly didn’t enjoy the process of training for my last ultra marathon that was the Grand Tour of Skiddaw. The race day was great, but the whole process of training for it was very much, “Meh!” This is probably down to stress and trying to balance school summer holiday childcare, long runs and what the rest of the family wants to do, so for 2017 the focus is on nothing longer than a marathon which should help me achieve a balance between work, family and running.


Marathon focus

I’ve booked two spring marathons and an autumn marathon so far. In the spring I’ll be tackling the Greater Manchester Marathon. This is my goal race and I’ll be aiming to take as much time as possible off my marathon PB of 3:35, the eventual goal is 3:24. The three weeks later I have the Virgin Money London Marathon. How I run this one will depend on how I’ve ran at Manchester. It will either be one I do for fun as I’ve achieved my goal at Manchester or it will be another pop at a PB if Manchester didn’t go well.

In the autumn I’ve registered for the Yorkshire Marathon, which will be the goal race for the autumn and a chance to see if I can improve my marathon time. I also want to do the New York Marathon in 2017 as there is a group of friends planning on going so I’m just waiting for the ballot to open.


Strength and conditioning

I do nowt, zilch, when it comes to strength and conditioning work. If I’m going to attempt to run faster over marathon, half marathon and 10km distances then I need to start doing some. So my plan is to make strength and condition work an integral part of my weekly workouts. I’m not going to take it in small steps, but the goal is to do around 60 minutes of strength and condition work each week.

So that’s the plan. I’m looking forward to 2017!

Until next time…

Kassia Gardner