consistency is kingThe first three weeks of Conkers Run Fantastic have flown by.

Just a month ago we we’re wondering how many, and what type of weekly workouts we’d do for January and now it’s time to up our game for another month of commitment in February.

If you haven’t done so already, click on the link below and set your frequency and single workout distance targets for each week in February.

And remember, the weekly distance target you set is the target for your single longest workout for that week in your chosen discipline; it is not your total distance target for the week.

Set my February targets >>



Consistency is king!

[bra_blockquote align=’right’]“The two big aspects of running really well are consistency and motivation. The more you can have of each, the faster and happier you’ll be.” Andrew Lemoncello, Olympian[/bra_blockquote]

You know that getting out the door and doing your run, swim or cycle makes you feel better, but sometimes it’s tough. I’ve written about how the power of community can help you but sometimes you have to motivate yourself.

This means that even when you’d rather veg on the sofa in front of the TV it’s up to you to get out the door and get moving. And that’s where consistency comes in.

Consistency is king! It’s the most important element of your training. Consistency will maximise your results, improve your health and help you remain injury free. And even if you’re lacking in motivation, sticking to the plan and being consistent can get you through and help renew your determination.

But consistency doesn’t mean quantity: manically working out every day of the week will do you more harm than good. Consistency is about regular, frequent workouts, and a steady focus.

Jantastic and Conkers Run Fantastic were designed to help you be consistent with your training, but if you want to maintain your consistency and achieve your goals here are some strategies you can try.

  1. Prioritise and balance your workouts with work and family commitments
  2. Schedule your workouts in your diary
  3. Train in the morning if you can – those that workout in the morning are more consistent as they don’t get distracted by other stuff during the day
  4. Write down your goals on paper and put it somewhere where you will see it every day
  5. Remind yourself how it will feel to achieve your goals by completing the following phrase, “Accomplishing my goal will feel like…”
  6. Make yourself accountable by keep a training diary so you can log how each workout went
  7. Identify upcoming barriers and plan for them, without proper planning you’re unlikely to stick to your plan
  8. Check your progress regularly and celebrate mini-milestones
  9. Be realistic and don’t train above your ability as it puts you at risk of injury and illness

Until next time…

Kassia Gardner