awesome communityWe’re two weeks in and the mojo train is flying along like a madman on a camel!

But it’s time to start thinking about February and in particular your targets for February.

To set your targets log into the spreadsheet and set your frequency and single workout distance targets for each week in February. The weekly distance target you set is the target for your single longest workout for that week in your chosen discipline; it is not your total distance target for the week.

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The power of community

[bra_blockquote align=’right’]“The one training tool I couldn’t live without is my training partners. It’s so much easier to get out the door when you have someone to run with and push you on workout days.” Kim Smith, Olympian[/bra_blockquote]

It’s difficult to be self-motivated and get your workouts done 100% of the time. But not with Conkers Run Fantastic! If you’re thinking about not doing a workout, knowing that you’re part of a community can help you get out the door and doing the workout, whether it’s lacing up your running shoes, putting on your cycle helmet or going to the local swimming pool.

I’ve had days where it’s difficult to get out the door, where I’m struggling during a run and where I’ve had such a brilliant workout I’d have loved to high five someone, but doing the majority of my training on my own can mean I miss out on the support and celebrations that come with being part of a community. And while I enjoy the peace and quiet on some runs, for others I long to listen to my running buddies stories.

Part of the power of the community comes from motivating each other to do the workout, for example arranging to meet a friend to workout and keeping that commitment. But for me the real power of the community comes from the support and celebrations that we share together (in real life, or virtually). Group activities might be full of chit-chat but that chit-chat:

  • Might help someone deal with the stress they are experiencing
  • Might help someone discover a new workout or technique to improve their form
  • Might help someone calm their pre-race nerves
  • Might involve celebrating a new training PB with post-run cake

Being part of a community and actively engaging in that community can make your spirit and your fitness soar. And this is something that the Conkers parkrun Jantastic team have been so good at in previous years and that I’m already seeing in the Conkers Run Fantastic Facebook group.

Be part of the community, and remember to log your workouts!

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Until next time…

Kassia Gardner