Run FantasticIf you’re thinking about joining Conkers Run Fantastic 2016, welcome! Success isn’t guaranteed but with the support of your teammates and a fun competitive element, joining Run Fantastic gives you a better chance of achieving your Spring running goals.

Whilst we all want to try and finish with a 100% score, that’s not necessarily the point. The point of Conkers Run Fantastic 2016 is to help you achieve consistency and progress in your workouts (whether you are running, cycling, swimming or something else) so that come April you are a fitter, faster, healthier version of you.

To get the best out of Run Fantastic there are a few things you can do, these are my top tips:


Set process goals, not outcome goals

Often we can get too focused on the outcome, rather than the process. While outcome goals can motivate us, they are often dependant on things outside of our control: in my case it was a first sub-4 hour marathon. On the day it was hot and I don’t run well in the heat so it shouldn’t have been a surprise when I struggled from nine miles and came in at 4:12. By setting process goals you can keep it real and dictate the effort and commitment you want to put in.


Share your goals

This is what Run Fantastic is all about: sharing our goals and holding each other accountable. Tell us what your goals are, even if it’s just to manage a single mile walk, or share them with your sport sisters and brothers, family, other-half or anyone that can help hold you accountable.


Make the time

Schedule your workouts in your diary. By scheduling it you’ll be less likely to forget about it or run out of time for it. Also by putting the workout in writing (and perhaps arranging to do it with friends) will make you more likely to do it.


Reward yourself

Rewards keep us motivated to get in that final workout of the week or to up our game if we’re slacking. While you might think that focusing on the goal will be enough, your emotional brain also needs to feel good. So plan some small rewards that make you feel good for achieving targets, such as completing all your workouts for a week/month.


You are what you think

Watch your words and mind how you think because the way you think determines your experience and the outcome. Try to be positive and use positive words. Tell yourself what you do want and what you hope to be, not what you don’t want. For example, “I want to feel fit and fantastic,” rather than “I feel out of shape and slow.”


Conkers Run Fantastic 2016 is about doing your best to be your best. I’m sure there are lots more tips to help us all get the most out of Run Fantastic so why not share yours on our Facebook group.

Until next time…

Kassia Gardner

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