It was going so well, in fact I was saying so just yesterday to Tim and Gillian. Yesterday I was also having a conversation with a running friend and it was about making sure you get to the start line of your marathon, and not over doing it and getting injured.

RICE and a mug of tea
RICE and a mug of tea

Which makes falling down a pothole at a little after 5am and picking up some injuries all the more prophetic. So here I am sitting with an ice pack on my ankle and wondering whether to go up to the Walk In Centre at Milton Keynes Hospital to get my finger looked at. I also have some ripped gloves and a ripped pair of tights to replace, and I believe some of my skin is lurking around the top of Church Lane in Bow Brickhill.

Of course despite preaching about taking it easy after getting an injury and making it to the start line I still have a runner mentality. After resting my ankle for a few hours I got up and walked from the study to the bedroom (all of about 10 paces):

First thought: ‘Ooh, that doesn’t hurt as much as it did earlier.’

Second thought: ‘I wonder if I can run on it now.’


Did you know 25% of marathon entrants never make it to the start line? I’m trying desperately not to be one of them, and to make sure I do the little things to stay healthy and injury free so I can have the opportunity to race on the 19th March at the Manchester Marathon. But it’s not easy.

I need to take my own advice.

Grumpily, until next time…

Kassia Gardner

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