Running has made me an expert on all sorts of things. I take pride in knowing about blistered feet, black toenails and chaffed skin. I have learnt when to eat and specifically when not to eat. I know about stuff like hydration strategies, energy gels and energy drinks. I know I sometimes get hydration and nutrition strategies wrong.

I know about the Piriformis muscle, IT band, quadriceps and how to stretch each of them. I know about using rollers and that the phrase ‘no pain, no gain’ is at it’s truest when getting a sports massage. I’ve learnt about Mitrochrondria and I know how to work my Garmin, put on timing chips and track my runs online. I can mentally calculate miles into kilometres and vice versa whilst running and the ability to do maths fails around the 20 mile mark in a marathon. I know how to organise childcare for races. I know I can run hundreds of miles in the right shoes and very few in the wrong shoes.

I know the difference between Biofreeze Gel and Deep Heat and to always remember to wash your hands after applying either of them – especially if you still have to do your make up! I have also become an expert in making ‘recovery’ hot chocolate drinks.

All of this I have learnt through experience. I may not be the complete running expert, but I am an expert. I am also a runner.

Until next time…

Kassia Gardner

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