Dear Dirt Half Marathon,

I wonder if you can help me as I’m having a bit of a problem with my running.

You see I’ve signed up to do your half marathon race on the 15th November but I’m afraid that date is no longer suitable for me.

Dirt Half


Last week my running was going really well, and I was really looking forward to the race. However, this week my running has been going backwards. The mind and the upper body might be willing but the legs seem to have gone on strike. Today, for example, I struggled round a four mile run and it took over 40 minutes! It’s a long way of my 1 hour 47 min half marathon PB.

I’ve already had implement the infamous Martin Yelling Inverse Taper to get ready for the race with my longest run of 11 miles just last Sunday and now, two days out from the race, I’ve discovered that I’m likely to be running through a thunder storm! And lightning! So far this year every race I’ve ran has been in the dry.

In conclusion, Saturday 15th November 2014 just isn’t any good for me so could you please change the date of the race?

If you could move the Dirt Half into January 2015 that would be great. It would give me time to have a break from running and get some long runs in.

Alternatively later on in December would be acceptable as it give me a chance of getting round, even if it’s not in a particularly fast time. If you could avoid the 24th-26th December and the 31st December -2nd January I would be very grateful I suspect I won’t feel like running at these times due to the amount of food and alcohol I will be consuming.

I work for myself so I could change my schedule and shuffle things around to do the race on a weekday but I do prefer to race on a weekend.

Anyway, let me know what you think and what dates work for you.

Yours sincerely

Kassia Gardner

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