Run Fantstic: It’s Not About Perfection

That’s it January is done, so well done on completing January! It’s time to brace yourself for another month of commitment in February, so let’s jump back on the motivation train and get those weekly distance challenges underway. Let’s get moving and have another month of awesomeness! If you haven’t quite achieved 100% in January, […]

Run Fantastic: Consistency is King!

The first three weeks of Conkers Run Fantastic have flown by. Just a month ago we we’re wondering how many, and what type of weekly workouts we’d do for January and now it’s time to up our game for another month of commitment in February. If you haven’t done so already, click on the link […]

Run Fantastic: The Power of Community

We’re two weeks in and the mojo train is flying along like a madman on a camel! But it’s time to start thinking about February and in particular your targets for February. To set your targets log into the spreadsheet and set your frequency and single workout distance targets for each week in February. The weekly […]

Run Fantastic: Dream Big!

Well Conkers Run Fantastic has started and it’s “Go, go go!” Let’s get stuck in and hit our targets for the first week of Conkers Run Fantastic. As I mentioned in a previous blog post it’s not about achieving 100%, it’s about striving to succeed and that means being consistent in your workouts, if you haven’t […]

Kas’ Top Tips for Run Fantastic

If you’re thinking about joining Conkers Run Fantastic 2016, welcome! Success isn’t guaranteed but with the support of your teammates and a fun competitive element, joining Run Fantastic gives you a better chance of achieving your Spring running goals. Whilst we all want to try and finish with a 100% score, that’s not necessarily the point. […]