Why I Run

Why I Run: Part 1 – Being Me This week’s blog post is inspired by another blog post: Two Fat Comrades. It’s a blog post about why Helen runs and it really struck a cord with me. When Ami started nursery I got a new set of friends, parents of other children at nursery, but rather […]

Why I Love parkrun (aka Why I’m a parkrun Run Director)

For me parkrun is everything that is great about sport, and it’s an idea that is beautifully simple. Turn up, run and then have coffee and toast (and occasionally a bacon sarnie) with friends in the café afterwards. Of course, on the days when I’m a run director it’s not that simple. I’m lucky that […]

Rediscovering My Love of Blogging

I started off blogging initially for personal reasons, when then developed into business blogging. For a long time I blogged regularly on my personal blog and for my freelance copywriter business Spindle Tree. But somehow around 12 months ago I lost the love and the will to write my personal blog. It just wasn’t fun […]